Basic Concepts in Physiology

Basic Concepts in Physiology
By:"Charles L. Seidel"
Published on 2002 by McGraw-Hill

A PROVEN METHOD FOR LEARNING THE MOST. DIFFICULT-TO-UNDERSTAND CONCEPTS IN PHYSIOLOGY. * Organizes and condenses the key topics in physiology. * Eliminates rote memorization of complicated facts. * Presents difficult concepts in understandable steps. * Reinforces key concepts and definitions. * Allows you to assess your individual competency level and study needs. * Expedites learning with summary boxes, flowcharts, and diagrams that speed review and highlight key points. . FINALLY! A STUDY SYSTEM THAT SETS PRIORITIES, MINIMIZES MEMORIZATION, AND REDUCES STRESS!. . If you like this study method, try these other titles in the McGraw-Hill BASIC CONCEPTS series.. . Brown: BASIC CONCEPTS IN PATHOLOGY0-07-008321-5. Clancy: BASIC CONCEPTS IN IMMUNOLOGY0-07-011371-8. Sweeney: BASIC CONCEPTS IN EMBRYOLOGY0-07-063308-8. McKenzie And Klein: BASIC CONCEPTS IN CELL BIOLOGY . AND HISTOLOGY0-07-036930-5. Gilbert: BASIC CONCEPTS IN BIOCHEMISTRY, . 2nd edition 0-07-1356576. Horwitz: BASIC CONCEPTS IN GENETICS0-07-134500-0. Stringer: BASIC CONCEPTS IN PHARMACOLOGY, . 2nd edition 0-07-135699-1. Slaughter: BASIC CONCEPTS IN NEUROSCIENCE0-07-136046-8

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