How Stella Saved the Farm

How Stella Saved the Farm
By:"Chris Trimble","Vijay Govindarajan"
Published on 2013-03-14 by Pan Macmillan

Inspired by George Orwell's Animal Farm and the international bestseller Our Iceberg is Melting, How Stella Saved the Farm is a simple parable about embracing change and managing innovation in difficult times. Bankruptcy, or the grim prospect of being acquired by a hostile human competitor, threatens Windsor Farm. But when a young sheep called Stella comes up with a bold idea, will the other animals be able to respond to her ambitious call to action? Grounded in over a decade of academic research, How Stella Saved the Farm will resonate for organizations of all types, from global corporations to small companies looking to embrace change. With eight simple lessons to guide new initiatives to success, it prepares readers to avoid some of innovation's most toxic myths, how to build the right kind of team, and how to take their business to the next level in a fast-changing world.

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