Animal Origami

Animal Origami
By:"Joost Langeveld"
Published on 2011 by

Sometimes, it's easy to see and learn about the animals we love. We can pet our cats and dogs and watch our fish swim in tanks in our very own living rooms. But there's not much chance of seeing tigers, whales, pandas, and penguins up close?and many people would rather not get close to creatures like snakes, spiders, and rats. Animal Origami offers animal lovers a chance to experience these animals in an entirely new way?by creating them! This fun and informative kit offers simple instructions?and the necessary supplies--for crafting crabs, cows, dinosaurs, and ladybugs. Papers textured to feel just like some of these animals further enhance the experience. Animals can be intriguing, fun, and fascinating?and with Animal Origami, making them can be all those things too!

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