By:"Dennis A. Trinkle","Scott A. Merriman"
Published on 2000-11-17 by M.E. Sharpe

Equally useful to high school and college instructors, this book contains a number of path-breaking studies in history pedagogy, among them the first three published essays measuring qualitatively and quantitatively the successes and failures of e-teaching and distance learning. The essays also collectively urge instructors to take the next step with computing technology, which is to build on the passive modes (on-line syllabi, power point presentations, etc.) of teaching history with technology to create more interractive instruction and to develop students' independent and critical thinking. Other essays explore costs and planning, and implementation suggestions for how a history department can wisely plan for, and respond to, the rapid pace of technological change.

This Book was ranked 34 by Google Books for keyword Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen.

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